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Choice Recipes to Get You Started Cooking With Cannabis

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Here at Zenbarn Farms, our favorite things in the world are cannabis, music, and food. So, we thought – why not dive into some of our favorite recipes for cooking with cannabis? Follow along to snag these incredible recipes you won’t want to miss! Understanding the Basics of Cooking with Cannabis Cooking with cannabis is […]

How Do I Choose the Right Cannabis Strains?

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In our journey into the cannabis world, we face a critical question: “How do I choose the right cannabis strain?” For beginners, this question can feel daunting. But, not to worry! In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of selecting the right cannabis strain. From distinguishing Indica and Sativa strains to understanding terpenes and cannabinoid profiles, we’ll provide the knowledge needed for informed choices. 

Social Equity in Vermont’s Legal Cannabis Industry

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As we continue our journey through the dynamic world of cannabis, we find ourselves at an important crossroads to explore a topic that demands our attention: social equity in Vermont’s legal cannabis industry. With the recent legalization of cannabis in Vermont comes the responsibility to ensure that everyone has equal access and opportunities within this growing industry.

“In the Mood” – Cannabis Strains to Pair with Different Genres of Music

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Here at Zenbarn Farms, two things we love most in this world are cannabis and music. So much so, we even have a music venue! Our blog topic today is one we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. In today’s exploration, we’ll be delving into cannabis strains to pair with different genres of music.

Exploring Cannabis Cultivars: Tahiti Lime

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Cannabis has a way of taking you to new places, and sometimes, it can take you on a tropical vacation. That’s exactly what happens with Tahiti Lime. Imagine the lush, vibrant landscapes of an island paradise with every experience. Tahiti Lime brings all that and more with its fruity flavor and uplifting effects that are ready to whisk you away. 

Following the Science: Cannabis & Pain

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At Zenbarn Farms, we hold the values of education and empowerment close to our hearts. We have seen firsthand how cannabis offers relief and comfort to many, and we want everyone to have access to this powerful plant. As science delves deeper into its secrets, we understand more and more how this ancient remedy can fit into modern medicine. 

Conscious Cannabis Consumption: Using Topicals for Self-Care

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Cannabis has been incorporated into self-care routines in different ways, but recently, cannabis-infused salves and balms have been a hit in wellness circles. These aren’t your typical health store picks – they’re a blend of tradition, science, and a touch of plant magic, designed for those looking to add a new dimension to their wellness routine. 

Following the Science: Cannabis & Sleep

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In a world where the search for a good night’s rest feels like a never-ending quest, many are turning to an age-old remedy with a new-age twist: cannabis. But what does the science say about it? Here at Zenbarn Farms, premier Vermont dispensary, we believe in the power of canna-knowledge. In this blog, we’ll dive into research involving the connection between cannabis and sleep.

Cannabis Consumption Tips: How to Dose Properly

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Greetings, Zenbarn Farms family! As we journey together through the world of cannabis, it’s important that we share the collected wisdom and insights we’ve gleaned from our experiences. Today, let’s talk about a question that’s crucial for both new and seasoned users alike: How can you properly dose your cannabis, ensuring a positive and beneficial experience each time?

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